We have created this website to introduce something that is not widely known in Australia; however it is very popular in Europe. We are talking about cardboard models of real and historically accurate objects and buildings. People all over the world have been busy making scale models of sailing ships and interesting or famous architecture. Cardboard kits allow you to build scale models that are easy and fast to piece together and that are affordable. Our cardboard models provide highly realistic features, textures and colours. We want you to join the fun!

All of our model kits and accessories are cut by laser. This is a very new and unique technique in which each and every piece is carefully designed and precisely cut. You will not have to cut or reshape pieces. All of our model kit pieces join perfectly. Not only will you find the best precision possible, but you will also enjoy very high quality. Laser cut model kits allow you to build your models with confidence.

Our models do not require highly equiped workshop, special machinery or expensive devices. You can start building them just on your kitchen table with a few basic tools: a scalpel, a steel ruler, glue and a cutting mat.

As well as the creative and relaxing moments that arise when building a model, we, as modellers, know the hardship that can be felt. A lack of quality or inconsistencies in the scale of individual pieces can make model building difficult. Oversimplifications can make a model look unrealistic.

Thankfully, the model kits we provide address these types of problems and allow the modeller to work on each model with ease. All of our models are accurate replica to the extent that they meet the criteria necessary for display in a museum.

We have an extensive range of products that will satisfy the modeling needs of young and old, beginners and advanced. Our prices have been carefully calculated to make our models affordable for modellers on small budgets.

As experienced modellers, we are dedicated to providing you with assistance, guidance and advice on any of your questions. We also invite you to visit our information section where we will publish photos, reviews and useful tips and tricks. For any further questions please email us and we will reply as soon as possible.

No experience is necessary to piece together our models. All you need is a little patience and a few manual skills. However, our model kits contain some very small pieces and we therefore do not suggest giving them to children under the age of 12 years.

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Zibby – master modeller

Zibby is a modeller with over 50 years of experience. His first models were built in Poland when no one had heard of laser cut cardboard. With scissors in hand, covered in paint and glue, he always dreamed of sailing ships. He devoted most of his modelling life to them.

He is a great propagator of cardboard modelling and he is endeavouring to make this type of modelling well known in Australia. After all, the modelling does not end with plastic or wood.

From 2009 he runs a beautiful modelling studio alongside the Traralgon Men-shed. During 2012 he established the Children's Academy of Model Making.

He is also an artist specialising in painting military art and horses.

Ania – a good spirit of our team

She soothes and prevents any conflicts between us. Her suggestions and a variety of unique ideas allow us to further develop. Ania liked scale modelling so much, that she decided to try it out, and to her sincere astonishment, it turned out that it is not as difficult as it looks. She breaks the stereotype that model making is a hobby purely for men.

Wanda – customer relations and marketing

Wanda has grown up around model making, and has an understanding of the work involved and appreciation for the art.
She is the face behind our Facebook page and also works towards marketing Abadonna to other businesses and customers.

Laura – the translator and corrector

Laura is a young blood in our little team. She is doing a great job with translating and correcting our texts. She also acts as a linguistic helper to our master modeller Zibby, with writing anything in English. As well as translating various texts from Polish to English, she also translates for several Polish companies.
Laura has always been interested in the modelling word, not from making the models perspective, but seeing the word in miniature. She also edits entries for our blog.

Jack – the man behind the curtain

Jack is our computer and e-commerce guru. So far he has very limited modelling skills, but his IT experience is priceless.

If something is not working or you find errors on our website he is the one to be blamed.

Our business partners


Established in 1985 Polish company. They publish the magazine "SHIPYARD" where they present modeller's plans and cardboard models. They also produce modeller's accessories - sails and sets to help mast building.

In 2006 Shipyard started producing kits, where every part is precut with a laser plotter. They have introduced uniqueness into the technique of hull and block making.

We are proud to offer the very wide range of their products in our shop.